What does luxury mean to a dog?

And for you?

One day I realized that my dog Celia and I shared the same interests: nature and silence.

Her luxury was to walk freely, without haste, to smell all the herbs that she found on her way, to explore aromas that do not exist in the city, to fall asleep in a quiet place, without noise and without crowds of people.

For me, luxury is not a five-star hotel, nor sophistication or exclusivity. There are many small details: it is kindness, a familiar and welcoming treatment, good taste, a cuisine made with love, being able to get to know the territory better with the help of its people, a conversation that invites you to return … And the greatest luxury of all of us who come from a big city: silence.

For me the silence that exists in nature is the most valuable. I feel at home there.

El silencio en la era del ruido, Erling Kagge

We select what you will like

When choosing accommodations, we all waste time locating, comparing, looking for reasonable prices, good recommendations … Too much information often, rather than helping us, makes it more difficult for us to choose what we seek.

We want to make it easy for you! We select for you accommodations with personality to enjoy nature with your dog. The dog Celia and I have been there before, and we will tell you about it.

What if I don’t have a dog? To whom it is addressed …

People with dogs who want to share moments with them in nature; couples, friends … Also, to single people who travel with their dog (or without him/her). To hikers. To people who want to discover charming places. In short, those who value nature more than luxury, hospitality and family treatment than the services of a large hotel.

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