• Celia

    She developed her creative trajectory in the canine sector, always bringing an original and innovative point of view. Her ability to observe and smell made her suitable for discovering very special places. From easy and powerful snoring, especially after hiking, no one believed that it was she who snored! She loved taking a nap in the sun, even in summer! Although initially she seemed shy, she was an excellent public relations talent with natural sympathy and spontaneity. Her motto: “I am all ears”.

  • Mita

    Entrepreneur with a vocation of proximity explorer. She met her partner at the „Protectora de Mataró“, filming a video so she could find a family. But Celia’s gaze gave a plot twist to her story … In love, she decided to embark on a life together with her which, over the years and with mutual understanding, led to a  professional collaboration. Unlike her partner, she likes the cold and can’t stand the heat; maybe that’s why she’s in love with the Pyrenees. It has been clear for some time that „less is more“.

Dog & family probably originates from my childhood vacation. For many years, I spent the summer in a family inn, in La Garrotxa. There I was, without knowing it then, very happy. A meadow and a river where to play and bathe, paths to learn to ride a bicycle, excursions with the family, local products -when they did not have that name yet, but they were so good for a reluctant youngster to become fond of vegetables- and the affection of the people at the inn, who spoiled everything that a shy girl like me let them. I didn’t have a dog, but when I met one, I loved it as if it were mine, even if it was only for a few days. All that for me was happiness.

Now I have an adopted dog, Celia, who is also my partner in this project and who, since she doesn’t like the city, enjoys these little escapades as much or even more than I do. Luckily, there are more and more accommodations that we can go to together.

The idea of happiness for me has not changed much: I still like meadows, rivers and finding simple and unpretentious places, which offer their services with great care, professionalism and all the love in the world. I understand that enjoying nature should not be an inaccessible luxury. Quite the contrary: I believe that it should be within the reach of all pockets.

The disappearance in recent decades of a simple and family type of rural accommodation (inns, hostels, pensions …), replaced by new rural proposals usually aimed at sectors with a high purchasing level, has eliminated a type of accommodation that I miss. And not only for its affordable price. Also, for what it entails of naturalness, simplicity and preservation of customs and environment.

That is why I find it remarkable that some accommodations resist this global trend of rural gentrification -increased rates, linked to offering a high level of services and amenities that those of us who go to the mountains only for a few days do not always want- and that others, who are now embarking on their activities, are committed to values more linked to simplicity and decrease. And I celebrate that they do so by welcoming the members of our family, with whom we all always have an excellent relationship: our dogs.

The selection you will find in Dog & Family is based on principles and values related to simplicity, proximity, sustainability, ecology, respect for the environment and the natural environment, hospitality, kindness and good treatment, responsable consumption …

We want our website to help you enjoy a very happy stay in nature.

Mita & Celia

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